Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors (MKP) B3275 Series

Image of EPCOS' MKP AC B3275 SeriesEPCOS' B3275 series metallized polypropylene film capacitors for PCB mounting are optimized for AC voltage performance, and come in a wide voltage range of 250 VRMS, 275 VRMS, and 310 VRMS. They can be used in a variety of applications, including output AC filters for power converters, UPS, and motor drives.

  • Voltage range: 250 VRMS, 275 VRMS, and 310 VRMS
  • Capacitance range: 1.0 µF to 70 µF
  • Max operating temperature: +105°C
  • Optimized AC voltage performance
  • High ripple current handling capability
  • THB test 60°C, 95% RH, VRATED 1000 h
  • Service life > 60.000 h at 0.9 VRATED, 70°C
  • For PCB mounting
  • Output AC filter for power converters
  • UPS
  • Motor drives